Pineapple Princess

Aloha! I found this song in a Jim Beloff songbook called Jumpin’ Jim’s Ukulele Beach Party. According to my research, Richard Sherman wrote this song exclusively for Annette Funicello for her 1962 album, “Hawaiiannette”. If you have an amazingly high voice you would be able to play and sing this song in Annette’s original key of F#, however the version I found in Beloff’s book was in the Key of G, and I found that to be a very favourable key to sing in, at about 2/3 the speed she sings it at! The video below features the song, but the scenes are from Beach Blanket Bingo and possibly other movies as well, so don’t be fooled into thinking this is the video for the song, or that this song was in that movie or any other.

I had the pleasure of meeting both Jim Beloff and his lovely wife Liz Beloff in September 2013, when my ukulele group held a workshop and concert event by them. Liz Beloff told me a charming story about how she and Jim had been invited to a Boxing Day Party in New York one year, and one of the guests expected was Richard Sherman. She decided this would be a wonderful opportunity to perform Pineapple Princess for him so she learned it and memorize it in time for the party. I couldn’t resist singing part of this cute lil’ song with her right then and there, making it a very memorable moment! I have performed this song many times as a solo while playing out with my group at nursing homes and organization dinners, and at Aloha Night at the Waterford Legion. This catchy tune is always an instant hit, especially the third or last verse. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

Pineapple Princess – Words & Music by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman, 1962

Intro: D7 – G7 – C- G7


Pineapple [C]Princess, he calls me Pineapple [G]Princess, all day

as he [D7]plays his ukulele on the [G]hill a-[C]bove the [G]Bay.

[G7]Pineapple [C]Princess, I love you, you’re the [G]sweetest girl I’ve seen.

Some [D7] day we’re gonna marry, and you’ll [G] be my [C] Pineapple [G] Queen!

Verse 1:

I [C]saw a boy on O[G]ahu Isle,

[D7] Floatin’ down the Bay on a [G]croc-[C]o-[G]dile.[G7]

He [C]waved at me and he [G]swam a-shore

And [D7] I knew he’d be mine forever [G]more.[C] [G]


He [C]sings his song from ba[G]nana trees

He [D7]even sings to me on his [G]wa-[C]ter [G]skiis. [G7]

We [C]went skin divin’ and be[G]neath the blue

He [D7]sang and played his ukulele [G]too. [C] [G]

[G7]Pineapple [C]Princess, I love you, you’re the [G]sweetest girl I’ve seen.

Some [D7] day we’re gonna marry, and you’ll [G]be my [C] Pineapple [G] Queen!

We’ll [C] settle down in a [G]Bamboo Hut.

And [D7] he will be my own little [G]Co[C]co[G]nut. [G7]

Then [C] we’ll be Beach-combin’ [G] Royalty

On [D7] wicky wicky wacky Waiki-[G]ki.[C] [G]



Some [D7] day we’re gonna marry, and you’ll [G] be my [C] Pineapple [G] Queen.

*For the song including the chord boxes, the downloadable version is available under the SONGS tab.