If I Die Young, the Band Perry

I guess I’m just in a Country music mood tonight! Here is the 2012 hit, If I Die Young, by the Band Perry. If you’re good at holding your notes you’ll be able to play this song fairly quickly. The instrumental TAB part on the second and third pages was written on a soprano uke that does not have a low G string on it. The tab part sounds best if you play the song with a partner, so they are softly strumming the complimentary chords while you pick the tablature. I wrote it in G because that key happened to be best for my singing voice (alto/semi-soprano).

If I Die Young G

My Heart’s On Fire, For ELVIRA

Here’s a fun ditty that takes me back to childhood memories of the television show, “Hee Haw”. I believe this was a hit song by the Oakridge Boys, whose specialty was 5-part harmony. (Sounds awesome in a group.)


Words and music by Dallas Frazier, © 1965 by ATV Music, Nashville, TN.

(First note = Open E string)

[C] El- vira, El-vira, my heart’s on [G7] fire for El-[C]vira!

[C] Eyes that look like heaven. Lips like cherry wine.

That girl can sho’ nuff make my little light [G7] shine.

[C] I get a funny feeling, [F7] up and down my spine,

[C] ‘cause I know that [G7] my Elvira’s [C] mine. [G7](single strum) – N.C.


I’m singin’ El-[C]vira, El-vira, my heart’s on [G7] fire for El-[C]vira!

[C] Giddy up, a-oom papa, oom papa, mow mow,

Giddy up, a-oom papa, oom papa, mow mow – High, Ho [G7] Silver, A-[C]way!

[C] To-night I’m gonna meet her, at the Hungry House Café ,

And I’m gonna give her all the love I [G7] can!

[C] She’s gonna jump and holler, ‘cause I [F7] saved my last two dollar,

C G7 C G7(single strum) – N.C.

and [C] we’re gonna search and [G7] find that preacher [C] man!

[G7](single strum) – N.C.



TAG [C] “High, Ho [G7] Silver, A-[C]way!”