Lang Syne + Lyrics

Recently, while looking around on the BUG website under Songbooks, Christmas, I discovered that there are a lot more lyrics to the “Auld Lang Syne” song. Cool. They are even half-decent to pronounce.

Enjoy!    Auld Lang Syne plus Lyrics

While looking for Christmas songs you might come across several on-line song books. You can find an extensive list at the BUG website:

In the past, one of the best Christmas song books that I have experienced with a group and for solo-ing is by the Seatle Ukulele Players. I am not sure if it is still available at their website, but you can get a download from the BUG site. It’s called SUPA. It has three huge pages of chord charts PLUS it has an entire page of key transposing, which is basically priceless.

There are several songs from that book I recommend. One is the “Chipmunk Song”. “Blue Christmas” is good because it has lots of embellishing chords. The only drawback may be that it is in F, and you might have a problem with G minor. If so, there are better arrangements elsewhere. (I like it in C, replacing the Gm with Dm.) Others I enjoy start from “The Christmas Song”, pages 11 to 16; “Holly Jolly” on 20; “I Want a Hippo” on 24; “Jingle Bell Rock”, 26; “Rudolph” on 32; “Santa Baby” on 34; “We Wish You/Christmas” on 40. “Winter Wonderland”, on page 42 is in the perfect key for me (I’m a soprano-alto singer).

Another good song book is Snowselele:  Snowselele_Version_1_11.

Another good one is this one with the little reindeer on each song, uke club unknown. They have an excellent “12 Days of Christmas” on page 22. The only clue I have is the website it originated from – I believe this is the U.K. Uke club, some kind of overall UK directory of all the clubs there?

Christmas Ukulele Song Book

SPECIAL OFFER! Happy Holidays & Ukulele ChristmasMy very favourite books are of course from Jumpin’ Jim Beloff and Flea Market Music. Right now you can get both of these books, around 50 Christmas songs arranged professionally with standard notation, chords and lyrics, for $25!

Go to for more information.

Hope everyone has fun and shares free and good locations for Christmas and Holiday tunes!


A Cup of Kindness

I must be in the mood!!!

Today’s song is Auld Lang Syne. I just asked my husband, I said, “What the heck does lang syne mean, anyway?” And he said he thinks “auld lang syne” means days of yore. Awesome. What?

I looked it up.

The music and lyrics of Auld Lang Syne were first published in Scotland in 1787. In Scotland, this song is traditionally sung on Burns Night, held on January 25th, to commemorate the life and times of poet and author Robert Burns. He was known as “the Bard” of Scotland.

The words “we’ll take a cup of kindness yet” refer to sharing a drink between men and women in love and friendship. “Auld lang syne” means the oldest best times, such as your fondest memories. This makes it very fitting for a New Year’s Eve dance or party.

So I’ve worked out an arrangement for soprano uke, based on what was available in a more simple format over the internet. Lately, I’ve been putting the starting chord in brackets in my arrangements, because one of the problems I have with a song with no Intro is I can’t find the notes to start on before we hit that main chord on the third or fourth word. Putting a starting chord in brackets will ensure that you don’t assume the song is in that Key. It’s just to help you get started, if you don’t feel like vamping on the main chord of the Key or doing no chording.

See? It’s optional!!

Auld Lang Syne