Gimme One Reason

Gimme One Reason by Tracey Chapman was a blow-out hit following her 1988 chart topper with Fast Car. It took another 7 years before one of her songs topped the charts and it was this R&B song in 1995.

If you know the song, it will relatively easy for you to navigate the fret board with this easy chord progression, all in 7th’s: G7, C7, D7, C#7.

Gimme One Reason – Tracey Chapman

*Very slow tempo


[G7]Gimme one reason to stay here

[C7] and I’ll [D7]turn right back a [G7]round.

[C7]Gimme one reason to stay here

       and I’ll [D7]turn right back a [G7]round.

Said, I [D7]don’t wanna leave you [D7]lone-[C#7] ly[C7],

You got to [D7]make me change my [G7]mind.

[G7]Baby, I got your number,

[C7]and I [D7]know that you got [G7]mine.

[C7]You know that I called you – I have [D7]called too many [G7]times.

You can [D7]call me, baby

[C#7]You can [C7]call me anytime

[D7]But you got to [G7]call me.


[G7] I don’t want no one to squeeze me,

[C7]they might [D7]take away my [G7]life.

I don’t [C7]want no one to squeeze me,

they might [D7]take away my [G7]life.

I just [D7]want someone to hold [C#7]me [C7]

and [D7]rock me through the [G7]night.

[G7] This youthful heart can love you,

[C7]Yeah, and [D7]give you what you [G7]need.

I said this [C7]youthful heart can love you,

Yeah, and [D7]give you what you [G7]need.

But I’m [D7]too old to go chasing [C#7]you a[C7]round

Wastin’ my [D7]precious ener[G7]gy.


[G7] Baby! Just give me one reason

[C7] Give me [D7]just one reason [G7]why.

Baby! [C7]Just give me one reason

Give me [D7]just one reason [G7]why I should stay.

Said, I [D7]told you that I loved you, [C#7] [C7]

and there [D7]ain’t no more to [G7]say!

One last interesting tidbit: Tracey Chapman was raised in Cleveland, OH, by her mother who bought her an ukulele at age 3. So, even though she graduated to a guitar by age 8 and remains a stellar player to this day, I like to believe that the uke is still her first love.