Mull of Kintyre

Although technically not a Beatles song, Mull of Kintyre was written by one of the original Beatles members, Sir Paul McCartney, who wrote this tribute to the area he owned a farm in. The area in Scotland was known as Kintyre and the headland was called the Mull of Kintyre. McCartney has owned land on this peninsula since 1966.

Mull of Kintyre by Sir Paul McCartney, 1977

¾ Time     Hit, Du, Du     Hit, Du, Du

INTRO: D// D// G// G// D// A7// D// – – –


[D]Mull of Kintyre, Oh [G]mist rolling in from the [D]Sea

My desire is [G]always to be here, Oh, [A7]Mull of Kin-[D]tyre.

[D]Far have I travelled, and [D7]much have I seen

[G]Dark distant mountains, with [D]valleys of green.

Past painted deserts, the [D7]sunset’s on fire

As he [G]carries me home, to the [A7]Mull of Kin-[D]tyre.


[D]Sweep through the heather, like [D7]deer in the glen

[G]Carry me back, to the [D]days I knew then.

Nights when we sang, like a [D7]heavenly choir

Of the [G]life and the time, of the[A7] Mull of Kin-[D]tyre.



[D]Smiles in the sunshine, and [D7]tears in the rain,

[G]Still take me back to where my [D]memories remain.

Flickering embers, growing [D7]higher and higher

As they [G]carry me back, to the [A7]Mull of Kin-[D]tyre.

Refrain X 2