All My Loving

“To this day, if I ever meet grownups who play ukulele, I love ’em.” ~ Paul McCartney

“All My Loving” – here’s a great song!!

In a key that I can’t sing in…..

It’s the version circulating the internet: Richard G’s, Dr. Uke, BUG….. they all start with Dm on “eyes”. The “home chord” is C. It’s too low for me to sing, and when I put it up one octave, guess what? It’s too high for me. Sir Paul McCartney will likely cringe to read the next paragraph, but he’s not too likely to visit my website in reality, so….

After experimenting around, I found the Key of G makes this song much easier for me to sing rather than the Key of C, and also the Bridge/Chorus section follows the family of G chords much easier.

Don’t be daunted by the line-up of chord progressions when you first look at my arrangement. Many people feel awkward when trying to progress smoothly between the G chord and the traditionally positioned Em chord, however, over the years I have learned a sneaky way to accomplish this without moving from the G chord formation, at all. You just reach around your third finger with your baby finger and use it to hold down the 3rd string in the fourth fret. Hey, your baby finger is already curled over anyway since the rest of your fingers are busy forming G chord. Might as well use it! Diagram below.

G to Em

There are three main chords in the Bridge/Chorus of All My Loving: G; a root chord of G; and another root chord of G.

According to THREE websites I visited from my Google search!

Hey! If it’s on the internet, it must be true, right? Going with that theory, here are the three chords:

Bridge Chorus Sequence

It’s obvious that the anchoring notes of these chords are B on the 1st string (1st string, second fret) and G on the 2nd string (2nd string, third fret). Those two notes are what all three of these chords have in common, which links them with a nice-sounding “walk-up” of the 3rd string. Starting with Em, you will move up one fret from the fourth fret position on the 3rd string to the third fret position for the augmented G chord, and then finish in the regular position for the G chord itself, which will be the second fret of the 3rd string.

Below is the finger positioning I recommend for this sequence of chords:

Finger Positions EmGaugG

Practice this particular section of the song beforehand. I also included optional [stop]‘s in my arrangement, just before playing that Bridge/Chorus section. This gives you a small enough pause during playing to get your fingers into the best position to take on the Em – Gaug – G sequence.

Hope you enjoy it! All My Loving in the Key of G.

And here is a bonus song: Eight_Days_A_Week in the Key of C. 🙂

Beatles Tune Completely in 7ths

Oh yeah, let’s rock it out with this fun-to-jam tune, I Saw Her Standing There.

This song was the opening track on the Beatles debut album Please Please Me, released in the UK in March 1963. Wikipedia has sourced the writing of the song and lyrics attributed to Paul McCartney, finished with Lennon’s help. I have found it in the Daily Ukulele and various other locations online, but this one is tweaked by myself and these are the chords I prefer. The Instrumental breaks are just full strum sets back and forth as you “hear” it in your head. For example: Bomp, Bomp, Boooooomp, Bomp-omp, Ba-da-da, da-da.

I don’t have it written out with the chords in brackets. It’s a full-page song with chord boxes on download, here:


Mull of Kintyre

Although technically not a Beatles song, Mull of Kintyre was written by one of the original Beatles members, Sir Paul McCartney, who wrote this tribute to the area he owned a farm in. The area in Scotland was known as Kintyre and the headland was called the Mull of Kintyre. McCartney has owned land on this peninsula since 1966.

Mull of Kintyre by Sir Paul McCartney, 1977

¾ Time     Hit, Du, Du     Hit, Du, Du

INTRO: D// D// G// G// D// A7// D// – – –


[D]Mull of Kintyre, Oh [G]mist rolling in from the [D]Sea

My desire is [G]always to be here, Oh, [A7]Mull of Kin-[D]tyre.

[D]Far have I travelled, and [D7]much have I seen

[G]Dark distant mountains, with [D]valleys of green.

Past painted deserts, the [D7]sunset’s on fire

As he [G]carries me home, to the [A7]Mull of Kin-[D]tyre.


[D]Sweep through the heather, like [D7]deer in the glen

[G]Carry me back, to the [D]days I knew then.

Nights when we sang, like a [D7]heavenly choir

Of the [G]life and the time, of the[A7] Mull of Kin-[D]tyre.



[D]Smiles in the sunshine, and [D7]tears in the rain,

[G]Still take me back to where my [D]memories remain.

Flickering embers, growing [D7]higher and higher

As they [G]carry me back, to the [A7]Mull of Kin-[D]tyre.

Refrain X 2


Things We Said Today

Things We Said Today is a Beatles hit written by Lennon and McCartney.

This is an interesting ukulele version, involving a lot of the complimenting minors. The best part is the verses are played by rocking back and forth between Am and Em7. The Am chord can be played with your first finger and the Em7 can be played with the second and third fingers for ease of progressing.

Things We Said Today

D D                 u uDu

(Am) You say (Em7) you will (Am)love (Em7)me

(Am)If I (Em7)have to (Am)go(Em7)

(Am)You’ll be (Em7)thinking (Am)of (Em7)me

(Am)Somehow (Em7)I will (Am)know (Em7)

(C)Someday when I’m (C7)lonely, (F)Wishing you weren’t so (Bb)far away

(Am)Then I (Em7)will re(Am)mem(Em7)ber

(Am)Things we (Em7)said to(Am)day (Em7)

(Am)You say (Em7)you’ll be (Am)mine, (Em7)girl

(Am)’Til the (Em7)end of (Am)time(Em7)

(Am)These days (Em7)such a (Am)kind (Em7)girl

(Am)Seems so (Em7)hard to (Am)find (Em7)

(C)Someday when we’re (C7)dreaming, (F)Deep in love, not a (Bb)lot to say

(Am)Then we (Em7)will re(Am)mem(Em7)ber

(Am)Things we (Em7)said to-(A)day

(A)Me, I’m just the (D) lucky kind (B7)Love to hear you (E7)say that love is (A)love

And though we (D)may be blind (B7)Love is here to (Bb)stay and that’s

E-(Am)nough to (Em7)make you (Am)mine, (Em7)girl

(Am)Be the (Em7)only (Am)one (Em7)

(Am)Love me (Em7)all the (Am)time, (Em7)girl

(Am)We’ll go (Em7)on and (Am)on (Em7)

(C)Someday when we’re (C7)dreaming,

(F)Deep in love, not a (Bb)lot to say

(Am)Then we (Em7)will re(Am)mem(Em7)ber

(Am)Things we (Em7)said to-(A)day

(A)Me, I’m just the (D) lucky kind (B7)Love to hear you (E7)say that love is (A)love

And though we (D)may be blind (B7)Love is here to (Bb)stay and that’s

E-(Am)nough to (Em7)make you (Am)mine, (Em7)girl

(Am)Be the (Em7)only (Am)one (Em7)

(Am)Love me (Em7)all the (Am)time, (Em7)girl

(Am)We’ll go (Em7)on and (Am)on (Em7)

(C)Someday when we’re (C7)dreaming,

(F)Deep in love, not a (Bb)lot to say

(Am)Then we (Em7)will re(Am)mem(Em7)ber

(Am)Things we (Em7)said to-(Am) day….(Em7)  Repeat chords and fade….