Beatles Tune Completely in 7ths

Oh yeah, let’s rock it out with this fun-to-jam tune, I Saw Her Standing There.

This song was the opening track on the Beatles debut album Please Please Me, released in the UK in March 1963. Wikipedia has sourced the writing of the song and lyrics attributed to Paul McCartney, finished with Lennon’s help. I have found it in the Daily Ukulele and various other locations online, but this one is tweaked by myself and these are the chords I prefer. The Instrumental breaks are just full strum sets back and forth as you “hear” it in your head. For example: Bomp, Bomp, Boooooomp, Bomp-omp, Ba-da-da, da-da.

I don’t have it written out with the chords in brackets. It’s a full-page song with chord boxes on download, here:


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