Rising Ukulele Star Joins ‘Ukulele Journey in Hawaii’ Trip

The upcoming Ukulele Journey in Hawaii trip was updated in November by excursion organizer and booking agent Donna Curtis of Captain Sandy’s Cruise Holidays & Travel Ottawa West. She emailed the group of travellers on November 11th with this exciting news:

Good Afternoon everyone,

Well, we saw our first snow this morning and they say more to come tonight. I guess it really is November. The months have just been slipping by and our Journey to Hawaii is getting closer.

We started planning this group and were amazed to have both Kimo Hussey and Roy Sakuma agree to join us. Today I have some more news to share. As you know, we promised you two Rising Star Artists who will be spending time with our group in Hawaii. A few minutes ago I just got confirmation of the first Rising Star Artist who is signed on to our group.

OK – here’s the drum roll…..          COREY FUJIMOTO

Corey has just returned from his tour in Taiwan and is an amazing Ukulele Artist. We are absolutely thrilled and hope you will be too. His complete bio will be forwarded to you as soon as I receive it but I just had to share this. And you can check out Corey online.

This was exciting news, so I looked him up on You Tube right away. Here is the link to his very own Channel:



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