Another Sandler Original

Forgetful Lucy
Forgetful Lucy

 Ha ha ha, please take that title with a grain of salt!! I have no idea if Adam Sandler wrote Forgetful Lucy or not, but the irony is he is singing another love song to exactly the same actress (Drew Barrymore), but in a different movie. It is not the nicest of songs, and its raunchy lines reflect Sandler’s particular brand of campiness, suggesting that he DID write it. If you are familiar with the movie 50 First Dates then this song will make sense to you, if you have never seen it, good luck…

Forgetful Lucy

Forgetful Lucy from 50 First Dates by Adam Sandler

The [A] Hukilau was the place

[D6] Where I first saw your face

We [A] liked each other right away

But you [D6] didn’t remember me the very next day!


[E6] Forget-ful Lucy

[D6] Has got a nice caboose-y….



I used to [A] trick you into pulling your car over so we could chat

But my [D6] favourite time was when you beat the shit out of Ula with a bat

[A] Then we drove up to see Doctor Keats

And [D6] found out why Doug always has to change his sheets


[E6] Forget-ful Lucy

[D6] Cracked her head like Gary Busey…..



[A] But I still love her so

[D6] And I’ll never let her go

[A] Even if while I’m singing this song

[D6] She’s wishing I had Jocko the walrus’ schlong


[E6] Forget-ful Lucy

[D6] [Stop] Her lips are so damn juicy……

How ‘bout another First [A] Kiss?


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