Ukulele Publications

The world of ukulele is not limited to information gleaned from individualistic websites. There are actually online publications or e-zines (e-magazines) available. I have paid for a subscription to one and I am quite happy with it.

Uke Mag“Ukulele” looks pretty good. You can check it out here:  Ukulele Mag. You can subscribe for 4 yearly issues which are seasonal for $18, mailed to your address. For Canada and international orders, extra shipping charges will be added. They also have an option for you to use your subscription number and mailing info to log in to the site and read your issue online. Regardless, you can sign up for the free e-newsletter and/or read stories on their actual website.

Uke Jim Beloff“Ukulele Player” says, “This is Ukulele Player Magazine” above the top banner. It is powered by wordpress. They say they will provide articles, news and reviews on a timely basis. They’ve been active since December 2008 and they profile  Artists, review CD’s, and review more technical areas such as gear and luthiers. You can check it out here: Ukulele Player. Their Editor is Mickey Maquire.

Their article style is mostly Question and Answer when interviewing an artist. The complete and total lack of pictures might be a turn off for some readers, but others might like all the extra info provided.

Ukulele Rhythms“Ukulele Rhythms” is completely digital, or online only . You can enter your email to sign up to receive a free preview download of one of their issues. Their contributing writers are Sarah Maisel, Kimo Hussey, Craig Chee, Phil Doleman and so many others, Terrance Tan is the Editor. I basically paid for the subscription because of Sarah Maisel and Craig Chee’s involvement because I had just seen them perform at the MUD Festival in Lansing, Michigan, and also I was attracted to the cover art. Their articles and photography are cutting edge and their articles read like you are taking part in a workshop. They also run contests and inform you of giveaways. You can check it out here: Ukulele Rhythms.

KamukeBased in Sydney, Australia, Publisher and Editor Cameron Murray runs “Kamuke”, which the claim line says is a “full-colour, hard-copy magazine produced by ukulele players for ukulele players.” A subscription for issues 8, 9, 10 is $25 AU (Australian dollars), or you can buy any issue you want for 8 bucks.They also offer Romero Creations ukes, and uke-shaped earings and HD strings under Strings n’ Things. Oh yeah, and 10 dollar Kamuke t-shirts with a pin-up girl on the back of them. It looks pretty good coming from the land down unda. Check it out here: Australia.

And here’s a contribution from the UK. A website called “Ukuke”, with the second K turned backwards to look like mirror-image. This site was erected by Ray Shakeshaft, one of the original internet pioneers from back in the day. Here is the Magazine section of the website, and it’s FREE: Ukuke. You will find articles on how to start your own uke group, how to start up a ukulele orchestra at your school, etc. The technical side includes, finishes, restringing, building your own uke from a kit, cigar boxes, etc. Many purists value this website as a kind of mecca.

Ukulele Yes“Ukulele Yes” is a Canadian online magazine by James Hill. He claims the magazine articles focus on technique and teaching tips song arrangements and much more. It’s FREE, yep, all ya have to do is fill in the fields. They also looks for people willing to provide Submissions and there’s a guidelines section. I don’t know how they make any money with a free subscription because they pay contributors fairly well for Feature Articles, song Arrangements, and any teaching tools submitted to Pedagogy Corner. Established in 1976 as an “an Association to promote the teaching and enjoyment of music,” Ukulele Yes! became an international network of ukulele teachers with the common goal of fostering musicianship through ukulele instruction, even though it was shelved in 1981. Today, the resurrection of the magazine is online only but it’s dedication according to the website is: “to promote the teaching and enjoyment of music. While times have changed and methods of communication have multiplied, the importance of music education remains.”  Ukulele Yes

Fretboard JournalThe “Fretboard Journal” is interesting. They have the occasional article on Ukulele but it’s mostly guitars and other stringed instruments. Currently they have hard copies of the defunct yet interesting uke magazine, The Ukulele Occasional. They have some good articles online about ukulele, you just have to search: Uke related articles.

It all depends on what you are looking for I think. If you enjoy getting publications in the mail then you don’t have that many choices. If it is information and entertainment you are looking for you can get a lot of that content from various ukulele websites. That being said, I have been enjoying the arrangements in some of them, just as much as at any website, and of course I STILL continue to purchase song books. I just purchased 3 while I was in Hawaii, and right before I left 3 came in the mail from Amazon, and I had picked up a Kala tenor at a local music store, along with 2 uke books. As soon as I got home from my trip I was online again, and ordered the complete Ukulele in the Classroom series off James Hill’s website. My husband is at the point he is making me justify what I am going to use all of these books for, LOL, well you just have to be prepared. Right?

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