Still Learning!

Ukulele Way

How awesome is this? I am still learning, at 50!!!

For some reason, my sense of incomplete ukulele education is holding me back from doing something I really, really want to do: for the JHUI (James Hill Ukulele Initiative) and get my ukulele teachers certification! (

This has been on my mind for literally months, possibly even a year. There is always this doubt in the back of my mind. Someone recently asked me if I registered for the Level 1 this year, and I flat out confessed that I think I should be the person taking the lessons from the Ukulele in the Classroom teacher, and they laughed. I only half meant it. I ordered the entire set of books and CD’s, poured over the website every day for a week and then talked myself out of it.

So here is what I decided to do: register online for the $9 membership to James Hill’s The Ukulele Way. After 4 hours I can honestly say, I am so, so glad I did this! So far, his online lessons are filling in the gaps in my ukulele education.  Just from the first 2 lessons, I learned what the pentatonic scale is and how it has been applied to songs!!! Actual songs! It makes so much sense the way James Hill lays this out for you. And I must say that James is an amazing teacher.

And so, for those of you out there who are teetering on the edge of self-doubt: sign up for online lessons or buy some books to go through in order to gain that confidence of musicianship.

Ukulele Tricks

I also really, really like Brett McQueen’s website, Ukulele Tricks, which is actually about learning proficiency, not showmanship tricks like ukulele flippies or anything. That’s just the title. On that site you can sign up for different kinds of lessons, strumming, picking, etc. and he also runs online workshops you can sign up for. He also posts instructional video’s on his Youtube channel and will personally answer your email!

There are many of them out there. I’m sure that just by checking out the websites of your favourite ukulele players, one of them may turn out to be the mentor you are looking for. Have fun!

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