Cat’s Ukulele Holiday Song Book

Cat's Holiday SongsI finally finished compiling my favourite holiday and performance songs into one big document. I am very proud of this little song book to date. All of the Christmas and holiday songs I posted are in this song book, but the descriptions for strumming and other helpful hints are not included.

Holiday Songbook 3

I will write a couple of paragraphs below to help with some of the content.

A couple of days ago I posted a separate song sheet for additional Scottish verses for Auld Lang Syne. It turned out to be too small of a font for me so I retyped it out larger and added my choice of chords to it. You can print out the newer version here: Auld Lang Syne Scottish lyrics.

“Away in a Manger” is my favourite version of this sweet children’s Christmas song. It’s the version where you start up high and travel down: they refer to it as the “non-traditional” version.

The “Chipmunk Song”. This song is in 3/4 Timing, or Waltz Timing. The only thing I left off is the ending, whereby I strum 3 beats on the last G (instead of 4), then 3 beats on C minor and one ending Down strum on G.

For “Hallelujah”, it is probably best to go back and look at the post I wrote on it and view Brett McQueen’s how-to video.

“Mele Kalikimaka” is not in the traditional Key of F, and the strum is the traditional D Du uDu pattern.

I hope everyone has fun and enjoys these songs. If anyone has any other concerns or questions just fill in the comment section and I will answer you. Anyone just wanting to criticize my arrangements, needn’t bother, you know exactly what you can do with that….


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