2015 Song Book

“I claim this blanket in the name of naps, every where!”

Today is Tuesday, January 12/2015, and a big Nor’Easter just blew into my town and buried us in snow. It’s all very exciting stuff, and the wind was blowing so hard that I decided to stay in the house after I got home from work. It was pretty hard to breathe coming up the walk-way!

Two hot cocoa’s and half a bag of Jr. Peppermints later, I just managed to finish combining all of the songs I arranged last year (2015) and compile them into one big PDF document. As I was working, I would get the occasional friendly message,  “There are too many graphic inserts in your document” with one of these [!], so I had to rearrange some of the songs a bit from what I had posted.


Some of them are now one page – imagine that! – instead of two.

And I gave it a cooler name. 2014’s was called Cat’s Ukulele Songs. This follow-up song book I have called Cat’s Ukulele Songs 2015. Pretty snazzy, no?

Confession Time:

These arrangements are a lot of work, but compiling them into a PDF document so that they don’t run into the next page or hang over and create a blank page, etc. is a lot of work. I know it’s only January, but I am seriously considering not putting a PDF together next year….. (blots brow with damp cloth)…… 🙂

With no further ado (and even less fanfare) here is 2015 Songbook 2.


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