I Want to Hug You, But I Can’t!

Can't Get Out of the House Hello again. I must start off with an apology of sorts. I had let my website lapse, but since we are all at home isolating during this pandemic, I decided to revive it and post more songs.

One thing that is a prevalent part of this pandemic is the inability to socialize properly, because we can still call our loved ones on our phones and we can face-time and skype and go live on Youtube and Facebook. But what we really want, we can’t have. We really want to be there in person.

Hence today’s song by the Rolling Stones: You Can’t Always Get What You Want

*Although I suspect their lyrics are not referring to socializing…. but I will leave that up to you to determine!

The song sheet IS in the original key. You CAN play along with this video:


2 thoughts on “I Want to Hug You, But I Can’t!

  1. Mareen Gill April 28, 2020 / 8:59 pm

    So happy you are back Cat. You are one of my favorites

    • Pineapple Princess May 7, 2021 / 2:58 pm

      HI Mareen!
      Thank you so much! I feel so bad that I have not pub’d in a year, BUT, I promise I am going to start posting again very soon.
      A lot has happened in a year – such a short period of time – and I hope you and your family are healthy and safe!

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