1 Year Update

Wow, just WOW! A year has flown by, and I feel I owe my now 45 followers an update.

I saw today – while I was finally taking the plunge to buy a new website domain name – that my most recent post was April of 2020. And at that time I fully planned on taking advantage of down-time and working from home to research some songs and put up some new arrangements. But obviously, that didn’t happen!

So I’m going to start at the end here and let you know that the domain name of my ukulele songs blog has now been changed to catsukulelesongs.com. It was previously catporritt.com, which is what I got stuck with the first time around. It think the new name is much better.

ALSO. I see we have a new blogging format??? I don’t know if I can find my way around here, as I like to post pictures, and include an uploaded pdf of my song, and perhaps also embed a video to go with it. I feel like I might have to take a workshop and I find that idea highly irritating, because I already taught myself how to do all of that. Painstakingly taught myself, one mistake at a time. And now you take it away, WordPress? It’s not like this blog is free, trust me, I PAY FOR THIS. Not impressed.

Lastly, I just want to say, I had planned on letting everyone know what I was up to last year, from having to stop meeting for uking to the closure of my work place office, but, since I can’t post pictures – looks like – I’m not going to bother today.

Instead. I will be FORCED to do the stupid workshop and then I will be posting a much more detailed update.

Or not. If I can’t get the pictures and uploading back, THERE IS LITERALLY NO POINT and WordPress, I really hope you’re reading this right now….