LANDSLIDE by Stevie Nicks

Just a quickie upload today.

Honestly, I am SO far behind on my uploads, as I have a folder – AND A BINDER – full of songs that I arranged either on my back porch last summer or at my kitchen table, and it’s such a shame that I have let my uploads lapse. And the other thing is, that was such an introspective and emotional time period, during COVID-19 pandemic 2020, that most of these songs are sad, morose, nostalgic, and so on.

So today here is a song that harkens back to my pre-highschool days of the late 70’s. Landslide by Fleetwood Mac was written, recorded and released in 1975. It was still playing on the radio regularly in 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979 – you get the picture. In fact, hit songs from the 60’s were still playing on the radio, along with some popular tunes from the 50’s.

In 1975, I was ten years old. Here are the highlights of that year up to 1979: my sister was learning to drive, so she hauled me around with her in our mom’s 1969 Ford Mustang, standard shift, candy apple red with white hard-top and white leather interior. And our dog, Cocoa. Who by the fourth stall was shaking and whimpering, which although we sympathized with her – “awe, poor Cokey”, only made up laugh more, made the experience even more enjoyable, and with every successful start from a stop sign we cheered to celebrate it. Radio going full-blast and every other song was Fleetwood Mac. 1976, my final year in public school, and I got to be a senior, Grade 6, and I was enjoying my first crush. From a distance of course, while one of my friends fawned all over him and he of course, loved it. Wah!!! “Hopelessly Devoted” was written for me!!! 1977, and Meatloaf took the Canadian radio waves by storm. Many hours after school spent jumping up and down on another friend’s bed at her house, while we blasted a copy of Bat Out of Hell on her parent’s turn-table – one side, then the other side, then back to the first side, over and over and over…..! This was also the year that my sister left for college, so I was lonely, so I was roaming all over town with new friends. Nuff said. 1978, more of the same, senior grade of middle school. I had now mastered the art of suffering through crushes that my other friends got to enjoy. I was embarrassingly shy. Unfortunatley. 1979: first year of highschool. The 70’s were coming to an end in spectacular fashion as funk was now dominating the radio waves and nostalgic ballad-type songs. But whenever a Fleetwood Mac song came on, my heart became happy and it was like home to me.

So this arrangement that I offer you today, is Stevie Nick’s own preferred arrangement that you can find her performing in vids on Youtube. One thing you will notice is in the phrase “time makes you bolder,” I have written it with a hyphen (makes-you) because of the way that Stevie Nicks performs it, it is slapped together to fit in the melody. Other parts I left out because you can decide if you want to sing “older” all on one chord or split it up between the C and the Dm. There is also a nice opportunity to noodle some notes during the instrumental section I provided. One last note regarding the key of the song: I Googled what the key the original song was in, and it told me E flat major. This would be a really difficult key for an ukulele arrangement: the key signature involves Ab, Bb and Eb. So I said Blah to that and transposed it to Dm (D minor). If you have a lower pitched voice this will suit you nicely.