Video from Honolulu

Some of you may have noticed the little countdown widget on my site, that says “Honolulu Bound” and the date is for February of 2015. Well, that little countdown widget was a lot of fun for the weeks and then days leading up to departure, and it has become a unique little keepsake of some great memories.

Spending 10 days in Honolulu, Hawaii was the opportunity of a lifetime to spend time with other Uke enthusiasts, learn from Hawaiian musicians, do some sight-seeing, ride the Waikiki Trolley, do some A-B-C shopping and stroll the famous Waikiki Beach. Heck, we even ate at the world-famous Duke’s on Kuhio Beach – literally! Our table was in the sand, ON the beach, and guess what? there was a sunset, too!!!

One thing we enjoyed each day was making our way over to the Moana Terrace on Kalakaua, located at the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort, directly across from the beach, offering guests plenty of unimpeded sunset views over Waikiki.  Every night they had local Hawaiian entertainment of some kind. Sometimes it was a singer with back-up band, sometimes a duet, and sometimes a family band, and each member contributed a talent to the songs. We sometimes ate right there in the padded lounge chairs, sometimes we just ordered an after-dinner tea or coffee. But every night, right about dusk, buskers would appear on Kalakaua street and play their instruments. I was especially interested in those playing Ukulele’s. It took me a while to get it downloaded to Youtube, but here is the video I took of two Hawaiians playing Lovely Hula Hands. About half-way through you might notice a lady donating money to them. That was my travel companion, Barb.

Here is my arrangement of the song for those of you who missed the posting: Lovely Hula Hands.