Say You Love Me

I’ve re-worked my earlier arrangement

Because it was too low. I put it up to A, ad I can feel my voice comfortably opening up to hit those notes. I call it my sweet spot.

Also, I realized that I play it too fast, need to sloooooww dowwwwwn…

The key to this song is mimicking the effect of the piano in the original recording. I found this easier to accomplish in the Key of A. Below is an illustration illustrating how to progress from A to F#m.

From A to F#m

This is pretty easy, and can be learned by practicing this technique for the Intro. When forming the A chord you just add your ring finger to the formation, to the second fret of the third string, for just one beat (one down and up), then you remove your ring finger leaving your other fingers there to continue to form A again.

Just really love playing and singing this song!