Uke Club Songbooks

Let’s just nod in agreement right now, uke club songbooks are a wealth of song material! Whether you are looking for something that your entire group can play, or theme songs for holidays such as Christmas, Hallowe’en or St. Patrick’s Day, or special solo songs, you can always find some version of it either at online web-sites or at the various ukulele club websites.

Individual Songs

My absolute favourite online website for songs is Richard G’s Ukulele Songbook. I love the antique ukulele images he has on his Home page, the visitor count up in the top right hand corner (over 8 million!), the newest added songs on the right side.

Another favourite is the Doctor Uke website. You can listen to a recording of the song while you look at the PDF document. Sometimes they have the same song available in more than one chord. Very useful.

Also at the top of my list, is the Bytown Ukulele Group (BUG) in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I really love their arrangements, and you get a real feel for their joy and enthusiasm at their website. Songs only in PDF format:

For a list of 62 Jukebox Rock n’ Roll songs visit the Funstrummers‘ website

For an Online Songbook, about 100 or more, all genres, including a Holiday list at the bottom, visit the San Jose Ukulele Club website: *There is an option to download a zip-file of pdf’s (400 items).

Another Online Songbook, alphabetized, at Kanikapila US (run by uke player Barefoot Tom):

For songs from eras starting with Pre-1900, then 1900 – 1949 and each decade after that, go to Kingston Ukulele Society for some good examples: The link to their songbook is below.

Individual song PDF’s at Ukulele Boogaloo:

For those of you who treasure British songs, with some mainstream hits and standards, go to Uke Ireland, which also has a link to Ukulele Hooley, the big yearly ukulele festival held in Dublin, Ireland, but there is a comprehensive Uku Hooley song book available from here as well:

Ukulele Club Song Books

These are our most consulted. Anyone who wants to comment below this article with the URL of a club songbook that is available that I may have over looked is welcome to do so. 🙂

Plenty of uke clubs have made their songs available in book form, downloadable in PDF format. Depending on how much memory their graphics use, I either keep them saved in folders on my computer or I print them out and archive them in big binders. This was the case with the Ukulele of Santa Cruz 207 page-songbook. It’s available via Google drive.

Bytown Ukulele Group, aka BUG. This is a list of Songbooks, starting with their own, including Christmas songbooks, campfire and school, AND OTHER UKULELE CLUB SONGBOOKS:

To get the first ever H.U.G. songbook – Halifax Ukulele Gang – go to their website and download:

Here is another Ontario uke club songbook that is arranged by Hans Bolt, leader of the Kingston Ukulele Society:

Click to access kingstonukes-songs.pdf

For a plethora of really good stuff, mostly British but with some American, these are really good songbooks to look through from the Taunton Ukulele Strummers Club, aka TUSC:

For 8 songbooks plus a Festival Songbook, go to Ukulele Nights, based out of Cardiff to download:

Another British uke club website, Ukes4Fun: 7 Songbooks.

The Wukulele (Worthing Ukes) songbooks are also widely used. There are 17 songbooks, plus Bad Love, the Blitz, and the recently added Geordie:

One of my group’s leader’s favourites to use is Ukulele Wednesdays:

Click to access ukulele-wednesdays-songbook-v2.pdf

A 400-page uke song book, with chord boxes on each song, Jim Carey’s Ukulele Song Book:

Click to access Jims_songbook_2013.pdf

From the Ukulele Hall of Fame, here is their Fleabag Songbook:

Herts of Uke:

R.U.G – Reading Ukulele Group – 6 songbooks for download, very good with chord boxes and lay-out:

And here is a file for the Ukulele Club of Virginia Song book, which is a 225-page meet-up file via the Ukulele Sundays group. There are no chord boxes on each song. Instead, they provide you with 6 pages at the very end of the document that you might have to print out and have beside each song you do, because some of the chords are complicated:

Click to access Uke_Sundays_Book_One.pdf

Oh yes, and we have our own free downloadable ukulele song book on our Dover Uke Heads website:

Here is a comment email to me, that I decided to just cut and paste in:

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This is Lizzie from Ukes4Fun. I have started moving all my bookmarks for Ukulele Club Songbooks from Xmarks to so you will find some more treasures here:
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