The Wild Irish Month!

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March was the best month! Since I am part Irish I really enjoy St. Patrick’s Day songs during the month of March, and even though I don’t know very many authentically Irish songs I do like to regard it as “St. Patrick’s Month”.

This year I was pretty busy preparing songs for the new uke group that I co-founded with my good friend Cheryl. We decided in February to change our delivery of instruction to the group, beginning with a 30-minute instruction that is relevant to the songs we are going to play in the jam session.

Erin Go Bragh

In the spirit of “St. Patrick’s Month” – when everyone is Irish! – I have researched some songs and written some blurbs. I hope none of you will find it too tedious but I am going to do a separate post per song, so that if I want to  include a video it will not be too long of a post. I have several songs already blurbbed up, so I will be doing those first.

For this post, I have created a fun little cue card trivia game that you can use as an ice-breaker and to build anticipation, or use to fill in between songs when you feel your group needs a little break. Just print it out on thicker card stock instead of paper, flip it over and print out the Answer document on the reverse, and presto chango, you’re a St. Patrick’s Day game show host!

Cue Card Game

Cue Card Game Answers


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